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1- Company will charge service fee in advance.

2- If another fault appears in device while repairing, client will have to pay for it.

3- Company will provide 1 month of repairing warranty.

4- Company will provide 1 month warranty of repairing starting from date of device return.

5- If a fault appears after 1 month, company will not be responsible for that.

6- Company is not responsible for a fault that has already been repaired.

7- Company will place a sticker on screws after repairing and if that sticker is misplaced then no complaint of warranty shall be entertained.

8- After repairing if a fault appears in 1 month company will repair it for free. After that if another fault appears we are not responsible for that.

9- Repairing guarantee is only provided for the fault which is repaired by the company and not any other thing. For example, if company replaces your laptop screen then guarantee will only be provided for the laptop screen and for the laptop battery or any other part.

10- If repairing is not possible on doorstep, our repairer will take it to the lab.

11-Company is not responsible for warranty claim of broken, damaged, burnt or device with water damage.

12- Company will not provide warranty in case of IC/Mother board repairing.

13- Charges are fixed and non-negotiable.

14- In case of a risky repairing, if there is any chance that repairing can make device dead, company will ask for approval from customer, if customer approves the repairing then company will not be responsible for any other fault caused by that repairing. If customer doesn’t grant approval company will not repair that device.

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