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Ac Repairing

In this scorching heat of summer, you would probably just prefer to stay at home in your room where your air conditioner is always ready to soothe you and take your sweat away. But what would you do if you find out that your AC has stopped working in such an extreme heat of summer? You can still soothe yourself by calling Repair Wala as we provide the best AC service in Lahore. Indeed nothing can be more pleasing than staying at home in this blazing heat and getting your important things repaired. Now your work is just limited to picking up your mobile phone and giving us a call or just visiting our website and posting your problem. Everything else will be handled by our expert repairers who will come to your doorstep and make your AC functional just like it was before.

Before Ac Repairing

Your air conditioner, which you got installed some years ago, suddenly stops cooling.  This may be due to some refrigerant leaks or inadequate maintenance. Air conditioner works perfect if the refrigerant charge exactly matches the specifications. But if it doesn’t, then indeed your AC would stop working. This situation could be very annoying for you as your air conditioner is all you want in summers. This could get even more worse when you have some guests coming over and have no idea where to make them stay other than the AC room.

Save yourself from the hard work of stepping into the market in such severe heat. Make a wise decision by choosing us. If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, our trained technician will fix it by charging the system with correct amount of refrigerant. Our technicians will provide you with services by keenly checking all electrical connections and contacts. AC’s drain line can become clogged with dirt and dust which can cause the drain pan to fill up and water will leak out causing damage to your air conditioner. All such drainage problems will be solved by us and your AC will start cooling just like before.