Samsung Galaxy Fold has a serious display breaking issue

Samsung Galaxy Fold is in trouble just a few days before it’s launch. According to the reports, Samsung handed out it’s futuristic mobile to a team of reviewers and journalists for review, and after only two days many of the journalists reported that their Samsung Galaxy Fold screen broke after only one or days use.

The Verge was first to report this. According to some reviewers, a small bulge appeared at the bottom of the screen due to this bulge multiple cracks started to appear on the screen and ultimately the screen of Samsung Galaxy Fold became dead.

Mark Gurman who works for Bloomberg also reported that half of the screen went black and only half was working for his Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile phone.

Some of the reviewers have suggested that it is due to the polymer layer on the display of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung clearly mentioned that this protective layer should not be removed but some of the journalists removed this protective polymer layer from the display as we normally do with brand new smartphones.

Any phone with more moving parts is going to be more delicate than any static phone. So it’s natural to say that you should treat it with more care than your normal phone. What are your thoughts about this new futuristic Samsung galaxy fold?

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