repair vs replace


In our everyday life, there are certain things for which hiring a handy person tends to more expensive than to buy the new or to have some 2nd hand version of that thing. As we have listened about 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), all these rules are meeting with our most of the problems about the appliances and many products but sometimes Repair is not a good idea for most of the things. The main reason is, first of all, time-saving then wastage of money because some of the used stuff is not able to refurbished and their refurbishing requires more money than their alternative. Some of the things are described as:

1-   Replace Most Appliances Than Repair:

Most of the appliances that use electricity are the first priority to change if they go for a change in their behavior. Of course not very first time but when you consider some appliance that is constantly bothering you, you should not take the risk to use that thing. Although it is good practice to reuse in this case you have to see the other side too. The disordered appliance is going to have trouble for you every month or every week. It may use more electricity. And of course the expenditure on its repair is going from your own pocket and most of the handypersons are going to have a good amount of money from you.

2-   Car Parts:

Car Parts are the more crucial thing off your car. Because the working of a car depends on most of its components like the engine of your car is out of order and you repair it, repair it and repair it. It is not a good approach. Because all we know that if the car part is faulty they tend to combust more fuel or gas and performance is not so good too. Then what’s the matter, why going for such expense. Change the car parts and enjoy life.

3-   TVs

As described a detail about demerits of using an out of order machine, you better need to change the TV. Sometimes there is time for expiring TV warranty and you can sale is also a good price if it is sound. Then enjoy your new TV with better picture and sound.

4-   Coffee Machines:

Coffee making machines are not so expensive so have a new one because companies launch better products, hence try new ones.

5-   Gaming Consoles:

In my opinion, we spend more on repairing PS4 or Xbox than replacing. These systems may take time to repair so, try new gaming consoles and sale the old ones because playing older games is not more interesting

6-   Cordless Vacuum cleaners:

A site has recently reviewed about buying new vacuum cleaner is cheaper than to repair it every time. The Issue is its battery, lithium ion battery and it lasts for two years to change it with a new one.

7-   Hot Water Heaters and boilers:

It is difficult to repair or replace Boiler because some old boiler cost more to repair them due to their design and old machinery or material used. Newer Model no need to have struggled on them so with a little effort you can have new boilers to your home and have fewer difficulties.

8-   Clothing:

Clothing, very common and basic necessity of life, in my opinion, you should try to reuse your clothes but if there are no more of your size so give them to some needy or poor so that they can have life enjoyable. And moreover, try to give your clothes that are not in use to the other people because an act of kindness is best of all acts. And Buy your new clothes after donating old ones.

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