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Pakistan Ready For Satellite Launch

Foreign Office Spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Faisal, announced that Pakistan has completed preparations and is ready to launch the Pakistan Technology Evaluation Satellite (PakTES-1A). He further added t

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Gmail users to be switched over to new design

The ‘Early Adopter Programme (EAP)’ is introduced by Google for its newly designed Gmail. This design comes with new features like Gmail offline and nudging. The new Gmail is on an EAP

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Apple Refused To Use Intel Modem In A Next-Ge

In 2005, Steve Jobs states that Apple would start using Intel processors in Macs instead of chips from IBM. It was a historic announcement. This partnership has been working on the basis of equalit

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Facebook is testing ‘Your Time’ feature

Many of Facebook’s 2 billion+ users spend an excessive amount of time on the platform. Now, the popular social network is testing a new feature ‘Your Time on Facebook’ that will h

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Instagram Lite: Tiny version of the app launc

Instagram launches ‘Instagram Lite’ especially for countries having connectivity problems and for mobile phones with memory issues. After its immense popularity in the western countries

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Instagram now lets you add a music tune to yo

Unlike YouTube, Instagram is presently enabling its clients to include famous copyrighted music in the background of their Stories without the dread of any negative results. But this was done by si

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iOS 12 to provide stronger 911 location help

Apple’s iOS 12 gives you more ways to connect and more personalization. Recently, Apple is focusing on trying to solve the dangerous emergency problems. Approximately 80 percent of 911 calls

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Gmail For iOS Users Now Has Smarter Options

As a major aspect of Google's ongoing mission to make Gmail for the web, mobile and different platforms better, the iOS form has also been update