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ADcase: A high-tech mobile air bag for your f

The moment when your smartphone falls, everything around you just freezes. You have millions of thoughts in your minds about How will it land? Will your luck save it or not? But now, it doesn&rsquo

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The World's First Samsung Wind-free Air Condi

Samsung, the leading Consumer Electronics brand in Pakistan, never failed its customers to provide the most innovative products. Maintaining its tradition, Samsung announced the launch of the world

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New Offline Feature Of Gmail Provides Offline

Gmail clients, tune in up: A little however worthy surprise is waiting for you inside your inbox.

As we prepare for the start of Google's yearly I/O developers' get-together this

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Adobe Project Rush is the ultimate video edit

Adobe, the most popular and well-known tool maker, is digitizing the world through its amazing digital experiences. Keeping the trend up, it recently announced Project Rush, which is a multi-featur

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Facebook is planning to fix closed eyes photo

Facebook being the greatest social media platform always tries to come up with something more innovative and beneficial for its users. Now, the Facebook team is working on a very innovative id

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ASUS ZenBook Pro: Touchpad innovation with Sc

ASUS is a leading company driven by innovation and commitment and is dedicated to creating ingenious products for today and tomorrow’s smart life. Disclosed at Computex 2018, ASUS ZenBook Pro

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Google's Five Most underrated Applications

Google has a considerable measure of applications. Possibly too much, in certain cases.

In the midst of all the undeniable titles and strangely covering contributions, however, Google'

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Smartphone A Step Closer to Virtual World

The general public has been drastically changed with the development of the smartphone. Before the advent of the smartphone, life was difficult and regular tasks consume too much of our time. Immen