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Huawei to launch a gaming phone this year

At the Asian MWC Shanghai 2018, Huawei announced its 5G plans which include a 5G smartphone to be released in 2019. The company’s priorities are AI and photography when it comes to smartphone

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Xiaomi Mi 8 The Combination of iPhone X Desig

Xiaomi is one of the largest cell phones makers around the world. Its products target mainly to low and middle-class buyers. Their success can be measured by the selling of their products, for exam

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Huawei is currently only 0.9% short of the To

With more than 130 million cell phone devices sold last year. Huawei has unquestionably taken a stride in the cell phone market.

According to the recently released report by the Research

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Backup Your iPhone on an External Hard Drive

If you have a  large capacity iPhone, you might not have the space to back it up locally or you are running out of space on your hard drive. With a little trick, you will able to set up iTunes

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Samsung Galaxy S 10 : A New Doorstep Of Techn

We're extremely used to Samsung Galaxy S phones following a familiar release plan where they develop in March or April, fresh off the back of an unveiling at MWC. Well, as indicated by the Kore

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Android VS iOS The War Between Two Operating

In case you're purchasing a new cell phone today, chances are great that it will run Google's Android or Apple's iOS mobile operating system. These two platforms represented for more th

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Samsung Galaxy S9: Full Phone Specification

Maintaining its mark in the competitive market, Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S9 on Sunday, February 25 at MWC according to its invites. And its confirmed to be unveiled.


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How To Block Obscure Numbers Within Minutes

Consistently we get calls from a few obscure numbers, and a portion of those spammers, telemarketers, and irritating outsiders influence us to need to discard our valuable cell phone. Administrator