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Laptop Keys Stop Responding Try These Repairi

It can be quite irritating when you are doing important work on your laptop but suddenly your laptop keys stop responding. You may have no idea of what happened to the keys and what to do next. It

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Five Steps How To Fix Your Laptop Screen At Y

Step by step instructions to take an LCD screen off of a Laptop and reconnect new one.

The point when the screen on a Laptop break, it can be an extremely scaring issue for sure for the i

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Replace a Damaged Laptop Screen at Home

Laptop screen is an essential part of laptop but it’s very common hardware problem that screen got damage or broke in some way. Defected screen can cause many problems and make a laptop unusa

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iPhone X Display Assembly Replacement

You have an iPhoneX but phone screen got damage or touch is not working properly then don’t worry, follow this article to get rid from this problem.  Before moving on how to replace the

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The mobile phone is mostly used device now a days. This device make our life easier. We can use it anytime, anywhere and in every situation. However, we often face such situation in which our andro

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Repair Your Computer At Your Own And Be A Rep

Is the computer not working properly? Facing problems in running applications? Unwanted pop-up adds? Keyboard or mouse doesn’t work properly? Don’t know how to resolve problems regardin

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Five Hacks For Laptop Dead Battery

Laptop batteries are costly bits of gear, so on the off chance that you have an old Laptop that still works fine, who needs to spend upwards of $100 to replace the battery right!? Fortunately, ther

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Four Life Saving Repairing Hacks

Repairing is not a difficult task nowadays. Modern technology made is so easy that you just have to detect your problem and read about it online.

It's one of the worst feelings ever: