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Pakistan Ready For Satellite Launch

Foreign Office Spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Faisal, announced that Pakistan has completed preparations and is ready to launch the Pakistan Technology Evaluation Satellite (PakTES-1A). He further added that PakTES-1A is a remote sensing satellite that weighs 285 kg.

The satellite is known as the Remote Sensing Satellite (RSS) and is an indigenously developed satellite. It will be useful for studying various features of Earth and can determine mineral deposits. Moreover, the RSS technology can be used to monitor impacts of climate change such as greenhouse gases, the recession of melting glaciers and detect forest fires. In addition, it can solve problems related to agriculture as well as forestry. The satellite is ready to launch at 610 km sun-synchronous orbit in July 2018.


The satellite is an exceptional project of the scientists and engineers of Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco). Pakistan received the navigation technology for the satellite from China in 2012. Dr. Muhammad Faisal tweeted about the satellite on June 24 and posted a picture of the satellite’s model.