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Gmail users to be switched over to new design by September

The ‘Early Adopter Programme (EAP)’ is introduced by Google for its newly designed Gmail. This design comes with new features like Gmail offline and nudging. The new Gmail is on an EAP and users can choose to participate at the domain and organizational unit levels, stated by Google in a blog post.


New features

Google announced new features of the updated Gmail in April of this year. In addition to Gmail offline and nudging, the redesign offers a number of new features like AI generated contextual replies to emails that don’t require a large response, Smart Replies and a design that will show attachments directly in your inbox. Moreover, the new design includes many security updates including the new ‘Confidential Mode’ option. This will help users to set an expiry date on their emails.

The announcements currently apply only to people who have paid accounts through their company or organization i.e. to G Suite users. Google announced that it will be allowing admins to migrate their teams in July. G Suite admins will have various options appearing in the Admin console after the launch of new Gmail in July. They can transfer their users to the new Gmail. Further, for a period of time users will still have the option to opt out.

In September, everyone will be moved over to the new Gmail design. Users will be automatically switched to the new design. Moreover, people who prefer the old deign can go for the opt out option for another month. Although by October, this option will disappear and all G Suite users will be forced to move over to the new layout. This was expressed by the G Suite team in the blog post:

Approximately eight weeks after the GA (General Availability) announcement in July, any users who haven’t been yet transferred to the new design will be automatically switched over to the new experience. They will have an option to opt out of the new Gmail for an additional four weeks.

The new design will soon be tried out by all users and indeed will be preferred by maximum of them.