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Long battery life of mobile phone - Tips to know

The mobile in your pocket is a miracle. And regardless of what it is capable of, it has one cornerstone component, the battery. As you charge and discharge your mobile over a long time, it's health decreases so as it's discharging time. Here are some tips to use your mobile battery for a long time without having an issue.


1- Charge a little bit whenever you can

Lithium-ion batteries don't respond well when you charge them all the way and then discharge them all the way down. Charge your batteries a little bit whenever you can. In fact, always charge your batteries in little parts, don't always charge it completely. Sometimes, charging batteries for a little while can help improve its life. It's a nice and simple trick.

2- Keep your batteries cool

Don't leave your phone in a parked car all day or leave it in direct sunlight. Heat can seriously affect your device's battery life. Try not to overheat your device, also don't use it while charging.

3- Clean the battery contacts on the battery and on the phone

Over time battery contact can get accumulated with dirt. If your phone has a removable battery, open it and clean the contacts on your mobile's batteries and phone. Cleaning it time to time can also improve it's life.

4- Don't use your phone while charging

Avoid using your phone while the charger is plugged in. This prevents mobile from entering into full charge cycle and thus reduces battery life. Using the phone while charging does a serious damage.

5- Don't use a fake charger

It makes no sense to use a Rs. 50 roadside charger with your Rs. 50,000 phone. Always use original charger provided by the company to charge your device. If you can spend so much on the phone, it's almost unfair for the device to be charged by a cheap charger.