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Pakistan Ready For Satellite Launch

Foreign Office Spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Faisal, announced that Pakistan has completed preparations and is ready to launch the Pakistan Technology Evaluation Satellite (PakTES-1A). He further added t

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Gmail users to be switched over to new design

The ‘Early Adopter Programme (EAP)’ is introduced by Google for its newly designed Gmail. This design comes with new features like Gmail offline and nudging. The new Gmail is on an EAP

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Apple Refused To Use Intel Modem In A Next-Ge

In 2005, Steve Jobs states that Apple would start using Intel processors in Macs instead of chips from IBM. It was a historic announcement. This partnership has been working on the basis of equalit

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ADcase: A high-tech mobile air bag for your f

The moment when your smartphone falls, everything around you just freezes. You have millions of thoughts in your minds about How will it land? Will your luck save it or not? But now, it doesn&rsquo

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Laptop Keys Stop Responding Try These Repairi

It can be quite irritating when you are doing important work on your laptop but suddenly your laptop keys stop responding. You may have no idea of what happened to the keys and what to do next. It

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Facebook is testing ‘Your Time’ feature

Many of Facebook’s 2 billion+ users spend an excessive amount of time on the platform. Now, the popular social network is testing a new feature ‘Your Time on Facebook’ that will h

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The World's First Samsung Wind-free Air Condi

Samsung, the leading Consumer Electronics brand in Pakistan, never failed its customers to provide the most innovative products. Maintaining its tradition, Samsung announced the launch of the world

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Huawei to launch a gaming phone this year

At the Asian MWC Shanghai 2018, Huawei announced its 5G plans which include a 5G smartphone to be released in 2019. The company’s priorities are AI and photography when it comes to smartphone

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Yahoo Messenger Has Come To An End After 20 y

Yahoo messenger is one of the best messaging services. It's been the most appealing service for the 90’s user and was one of those services that got huge fame even when the internet was n

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Xiaomi Mi 8 The Combination of iPhone X Desig

Xiaomi is one of the largest cell phones makers around the world. Its products target mainly to low and middle-class buyers. Their success can be measured by the selling of their products, for exam

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Huawei is currently only 0.9% short of the To

With more than 130 million cell phone devices sold last year. Huawei has unquestionably taken a stride in the cell phone market.

According to the recently released report by the Research

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The BlackBerry Key2 beats it predecessor with

Chinese Electronic Company TCL has officially announced the release of BlackBerry Key2, its a squeal of KeyOne that released a year ago. It's an affordable cell phone with the company's mar

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Backup Your iPhone on an External Hard Drive

If you have a  large capacity iPhone, you might not have the space to back it up locally or you are running out of space on your hard drive. With a little trick, you will able to set up iTunes

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Instagram Lite: Tiny version of the app launc

Instagram launches ‘Instagram Lite’ especially for countries having connectivity problems and for mobile phones with memory issues. After its immense popularity in the western countries

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New Offline Feature Of Gmail Provides Offline

Gmail clients, tune in up: A little however worthy surprise is waiting for you inside your inbox.

As we prepare for the start of Google's yearly I/O developers' get-together this